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Ekam Off The Mat

Hey there! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Bailey and I am the founder & owner of Ekam yoga. Because we can only do so much during the 60 minutes of class that we get to see you, we want our blog to become an extension of what we offer in the studio. We’ll holistically address wellness in every sense of the word-mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and with doughnuts. 

I started Ekam because yoga changed my life and teaching yoga feels like my true vocation- the only thing I should be doing with my life. The first time I found yoga I was a sporting a new fully fused thoracic spine and yoga helped me regain my physical strength. The second time I found yoga I was mentally broken and yoga healed me emotionally.  These two experiences combined with a brilliant teacher who opened my eyes in so many ways, made me realize that I wanted to delve deeper into the world of yoga.

My journey has taught me that what we do on the mat is merely the start of the practice and once I realized that, I couldn’t stop exploring the lineage, history, and moral imperatives of being a yogi.  The more I studied, the more I felt compelled to share what I was learning. I took my teacher training seriously starting with my 200 hr after which I taught and practiced and realized that I knew nothing. I began taking more specialized trainings of all kinds- prenatal, multiple trauma informed yoga teaching courses, and my 300 hour teacher training. The most important thing I have learned on my training journey is that the best teachers are the ones who never stop being a student. 

What you can expect here at Ekam Off The Mat is an exploration of all things yoga, what we do for our mental sanity, how we practice outside the studio, and who we are as humans, not just as your teachers. Also, cookie recipes and more puppy photos … because snacks and puppies are life. 


Bailey & Stella