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Bailey Evans, Owner | Founder

Bailey’s journey into yoga started with a neurosurgeon urging her to begin practicing yoga to ease the recovery from a full thoracic spinal fusion. Bailey got on her mat to fight discomfort in her body and she stayed on her mat when she realized how much more there was to find. She founded Ekam Yoga with the desire to share her passion for the practice with as many people as she could. Her goal was to build a community where all are welcome, all are encouraged, and all are met where they are. You can expect her to take your practice, and your understanding of the practice, seriously. You should also expect puns, dad jokes and to learn some anatomy along the way. She built a 200HR yoga teacher certification with the intention of helping students build a lifelong relationship with the practice. It is critical to her that she lend all of the tools she has to help others gain as much knowledge as they want.